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Microbial Bioactives aspires to publish comprehensive articles on microbe derived and microbe oriented biologically active compounds to disseminate and convey relevant scientific knowledge and impactful discoveries to the scientists, academics, clinicians and industries. The objective of the journal is to establish an interactive platform facilitating the discovery and conversion of diverse bioactives into essential and valuable products like biopharmaceuticals, bio-agri-inputs, biocontrol agents, biocatalysts, health supplements etc. The journal encourages submitting full length articles presenting original research, reviews, data report, letters to the editor, short communications and technical/ methodological reports and it is very keen to expedite the progress by emphasizing on the novelty of research findings avoiding any reiteration.

The bioactive compounds oriented manuscripts either of microbial origin (e.g. proteins, lipoproteins, phospholipids, secondary metabolites, antimicrobial peptides, functional molecules in pre- and probiotics, bacteriocins, immunogenic molecules, enzymes, fengycin, molecules exerting anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, immune regulatory and anti-oxidant activities, etc) ) or microbe directed oriented manuscripts focusing the following area are appreciated and welcomed.

Discovery of novel Bioactive compounds
Screening of potential microbes from different ecosystem
Bioactives from marine microbiota
Purification and molecular structure elucidation
Omics based analysis
Heterologous expression and bio-efficacy study
Production scaling up by bioprocess technology
Applications in different biological systems
Mechanisms of action: Physiological effects
Mechanisms of susceptibility and resistance
Mechanism and demonstration of bio-catalysis and bioconversion
Experimental therapeutics and approaches of administration
Preclinical studies and clinical trials
Establishment as clinical therapeutics
Pharmacological characterization

Influence in public health


Journal Key Words: Antimicrobial; antimicrobial peptides; bacteriocin; biocatalyst; biocontrol agents; cancer; cardiovascular diseases; enzymes; fengycin; health supplements; immunogens; lipopeptides; marine microbes; microbial bioactives; phospholipids; probiotics; prebiotics; proteins; polysaccharides; public health; short peptides; toxins; therapeutics; vitamins etc.

Microbial Bioactives facilitates the author's response to the NIH Public Access Policy. For more details please see the Guide for authors.


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List of Editorials:



Md. Mozammel Hoq, Ph.D., (Professor, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.)


Editorial Manager: 

Md. Asaduzzaman Shishir, Ph.D.


Associate Editors:

Muhammad Manjurul Karim, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

El-Sayed A. El-Sheikh, Ph.D. (Zagazig University, Egypt)

Samiran Bhattacharjee, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Kitherian Sahayaraj, Ph.D., D.Sc.(St. Xavier's College, India)

Md. Zakir Sultan, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Mona Hussein, Ph.D. (National Research Center, Egypt)

Abdul Hamid Wani, Ph.D. (University of Kashmir, India)

Munawar Sultana, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

HN Ashiqur Rahman, Ph.D. (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Mohammad Tariqur Rahman, Ph.D. (University of Malaya, Malaysia) 



Editorial Board Members:
Sheikh Ariful Hoque, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Md. Shamsuddin Sultan Khan, Ph.D. (Western Sydney University, Australia)

Leyla Acik, Ph.D. (Gazi University, Turkey)
Salmah Ismail, Ph.D. (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
Alamgir Rahman, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University, NC, USA)
Ikbal Kabir Jahid, Ph.D. (Jessore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)

Raeed Jamiruddin, Ph.D. (Brac University, Bangladesh)

Tania Sultana Bonny, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Md. Fakruddin (BCSIR, Bangladesh)

Ashfaqul Muid Khandaker, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)

HN Ashiqur Rahman, Ph.D. (Harvard Medical School, USA)

Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Ph.D. (Professor, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh)
Mohammad Riazul Islam, Ph.D. (Professor, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Debananda​ Singh Ningthoujam, Ph.D. (Professor, Manipur University, India)

Md. Nurul Huda, Ph.D. (University of Dhaka)

Bahareh Nowruzi, Ph.D. (Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran)


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