Pasteurization of Milk through Direct Heating up to 75°C over Kitchen Stove at Home

Sheikh Ariful Hoque a, Ummay Nasrin Sultana a, Tania Hossain a


a Cell and Tissue Culture Laboratory, Centre for Advanced Research in Sciences (CARS),
University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

*Corresponding Author. E-mail:


Microbial Bioactives, 2018, 1, 001-007. (Received February 6, 2018, Published March 25, 2018)


Citation: Hoque, Sheikh Ariful ; Sultana, Ummay Nasrin; Hossain, Tania. (2018). Pasteurization of
milk through direct heating up to75°C over a kitchen stove at home. Microbial Bioactives,
1(1), pages 001–007.

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